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In  pre-workout muscle activation. If you begin your workout with some good stretching your main workout will result 10 x times better.

Manik Kumar, Fitness and Wellbeing coach | Personal Trainer at MKfitnessnz in Auckland shares his tips from his experience in fitness, the importance and benefits of stretching

    • Injury Prevention

The most important reason. All fitness trainers or personal trainers recommend you should workout with a good amount of stretches to avoid any injury.

If you have done a good warmup then your muscles will be fully active and you will be able to do exercises properly without any injury or pain.

    • Better Muscle Activation

Muscle activation is really important before you do your heavy weights and main exercises.

A non-negotiable workout tip is to do stretches before you start doing your main exercises. Stretching in general is good but must be done especially when it’s your Leg day and you want to target those glutes

    • Mind-Body Connection

Benefit of stretching is it helps in core and mind balance. This is great for beginners, start by stretching to become in a regular habit of movement and being active.

If you are new to exercise or hate working out, instead of doing cardio/run do stretches.

    • Reduced Muscle Soreness

If you do your pre workout stretches right then it will help you with less muscle soreness because all muscles & tissues will be active.

    • Enhanced Flexibility

Stretching is great for flexibility. If you want to have a flexible body then start incorporating stretches in your pre workout routine

    • Improved Blood Flow

Stretching helps in a good blood flow in your body, helping body be active and healthy

Even when it’s your rest day, there is no harm in doing stretches.


Performing stretches with proper technique and avoiding overstretching is essential to prevent injuries. Incorporating a balanced routine of static and dynamic stretches, along with considering your individual fitness goals, can help you reach the full benefits of stretching.

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