Being the best Personal Trainer in Auckland CBD, his key goal is to achieve the right balance between the comfort zone of the client and develop their flexibility to their body’s discomfort through proper training and build deep trust in first correcting their imperfections first, rather of placing them on a predetermined pre-defined plan, fruitful outcomes have been obtained and that has kept his clients coming back to him with new excitement.


Efficiency Matters

There are plenty of techniques and options available these days to start with traditional exercises to achieve results in fitness. These may, however, be too time-consuming or tedious to throttle you with little energy or enthusiasm to carry on with the desired results. But Manik, who is known as one of the finest Personal Trainers of Auckland CBD highly customized strategy in overcoming the areas of pain and weak spots in timely brings intended feasibility.

Changing your Mindset

In the society we live in, everyone has a different mindset, especially about health, for example, some say, “You have to completely avoid rice or any kind of food in order to lose weight,” or you have to skip a night meal to get a slim trim body, or you only have to eat boiled vegetables, no matter how tasteless it is. Were you a part of the same situation as well? To some extent, these are certainly true, but it can sometimes become very difficult to follow such a diet plan, and at the end of the day you become sick. Diet control is important, but each body reacts differently and this is where Manik stands for you. After knowing your health, while making your proper diet plan, he will also teach you the exercise that suits your body while controlling your diet as he doesn’t want someone to get sick because of diet. He’ll teach you how to balance both diet and exercise. That’s the main reason why he is known as one of the finest Personal Trainers in Auckland CBD.

Working out from the core

Manik understands that aiming superficial body structure is crucial but he also clarifies that one should focus on their inner strength. One should derive satisfaction more from increasing their core strength to workout rather than confining themselves to a particular form of exercise or body type.

The result Oriented

Without proper guidance, an individual can continue to do the same form of exercise for a long time in his or her comfort zone with very little results, and may become disheartened at the end. Manik strict adherence to such insufficient exercise and intense emphasis on proper techniques, however, helps you achieve your ideal body shapes/target with less time and more zeal. For instance, A person do their pull-ups upto 10-15 for a period of one year with a relatively low progression in his / her strength, whereas Manik’s variation of pull-up methodologies, such as making one-hand pull-ups with the same count in a safe manner involving the base, helps a guy/girl to realize his / her endurance and work towards elegance and achieve excellent results regardless of age.


One of the best Personal Trainers in Auckland CBD,  Manik helps each of its clients in achieving their personal fitness goals by keeping their genetic heritage, medical background and dietary habits in mind. He then specifies lesson plans for his customers which he develops using the range of exercise techniques depending on the level of the customer. His lesson plans are diverse, systematic and technical. Afterward, the client is trained 3-5 days a week. His main agenda is not just to make his clients exercise, but actually to train them properly. It doesn’t matter what your age or body is, Manik, the Personal Trainer in Auckland CBD will provide you the best training with the healthiest diet plan


Weight Management

Manik, who is known as the best Personal Trainer of Auckland CBD offers the complete new strategies and the best approaches to muscle gain with the right exercise tips, healthier choices, subtle improvements in your eating patterns, lifestyle management, and innovative workout strategies so that to keeps your excitement and motivational level going on to achieving the desired body weight with steady, organized and efficient approach.

Free Consultation

Once you employ Manik as your gym trainer, you can sign up for free consultation with him as he will tell you in detail about the training sessions he will give you on your health basis. The key goal is to educate you on the value of various conditions for exercise. His program focuses on providing the correct direction and carrying out strategies properly.

Improve your Posture

Do you have trouble putting your socks on, or bending down to pick up something from the floor? Do you have low back pain or trouble keeping stuff overhead? Flexibility can be your problem. Understanding how to strengthen posture by quick exercises, checking a posture brace, and learning how to correctly hold onto your back can help to relieve stress.

Abs workout

Looking for assistance in losing fat from the stomach and having solid abs or six-pack abs? If this is your goal, Manik will be there to motivate you. Learn under his guidance, and easily see the impact.

Body Sculpting

If it’s about toning, sharpening, shaping or sculpting your body, under your best Personal Trainer of Auckland CBD i.e. Manik’s proper guidance, he will give you an exclusive innovative technique of core-strengthening exercises that create the foundation of your body transformation to any desired shape as per your specification.

Burn more Calories

The weight problem for all the people in this world is quite a unique issue.Who doesn’t want the perfect, fit and versatile body? Everyone wants that but burning calories is very important for that. Too much calorie consumption means weight gain. Well, meet the well-known Personal Trainer of Auckland CBD. Manik, to learn how to burn your calories in less time, he’ll teach you workout, and help you in scheduling your proper diet with different regular exercises.


Would you like to lose weight? However, feeling a lack of motivation? Find out how a Personal Trainer of Auckland Manik can help you. See what else he provide to his clients.

  1. All types of Squats: Get the body that you deserve. Manik, the best Personal Trainer in Auckland CBD will teach you all types of squatsand powerful tips to give you a beach body worthy legs and glutes. Take your body to the next stage and beyond.
  1. Dumbbells based exercise: There are many workouts you can do to burn fat using Dumbbells. Dumbbell Weight training is an effective way to improve strength and weight.
  1. All Kind of Push-ups: There are various forms of push-ups and each push-up has different ways to do it. Join Manik to learn the right techniques and use pushups to create a rock hard chest. Manik will be providing you with one-to-one training.


  1. Full Body Stretches: The stretching plays a key role in having a healthy body. Manik, the finest Personal Trainer in Auckland CBD will help you make your health better. He will inspire, track your progress and, when appropriate, change your daily exercises to ensure consistent progress and achieve individual goals.
  1. Hamstring Stretches: If you find that Hamstring exercise is uncomfortable to you or is hard to do alone, then your best Personal Trainer in Auckland CBD . Manik will help you in this. In learning to stretch and strengthen this muscle, avoid damage to your hamstrings. The hamstrings are a group of three muscles, the semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and the femorus muscles of biceps.
  1. Glute Stretches: This exercise will help you increase both your hip flexibility and strength of your hip, as well as your glute muscles from both your left and right sides. The maximum length of time you need for this training is ten minutes where you do ten reps on each side of your body and it takes 30 seconds for each rep.
  1. Neck and Shoulder stretch: How you start and end your exercise routine is just as important as the exercises themselves. Warming up and stretching helps prevent injury while cooling down, stretching and massaging keeps muscles limber.


All Kind of Planks: Wanna stunning-looking abs? The plank workout routine is an exercise that focuses primarily on the crux of your body, your abdominal area, and your back. The plank workout also helps to boost your arms and shoulders as well as your quadriceps.

Sit-ups & Weight Squats – Are you sick of the interminable crunches and sit-ups? Want to achieve six-pack abs? Manik will focus on the shape of the legs, abs, and buttocks. Squats Jump. Lower up and down your ass with a hop-on top of the motion.

Lunges with weights: The most effective functional workouts for keeping the body in shape and losing fat are overall body workouts. Manik, one of the best Personal Trainers in Auckland CBD will show you all-round body workout and fat burner- the jump squat with weights.