I absolutely appreciate the work and dedication required to create a full and happy life. As our lives continue to move forward we can often lack balance in our daily routines, incorporating time for self-care, nourishing food and a healthy lifestyle combined with a consistent workout routine which achieves our objectives.

I personally believe in quality over quantity and cut and paste workouts have no place in my ethos. I am a one man show, the only point of contact who will be with you every step of the way right from consultation through to when you’re ready to head out on your own.




$89 NZD Weekly ( 8 Weeks program )

 ✓ Personalised Workout program 

 ✓ Home or gym workout

 ✓ Personalised nutrition plan

 ✓ Video Demonstrations 

 ✓ Email & Whatsapp support  



Let’s have a 30 minute chat about why you want to take this next step, what motivates you to want to hire an online coach and how I can help you become the best version of yourself


✓ 30 Minute Consultation session with MKFITNESS

✓ Discuss your goals

✓ Discuss your current fitness and nutrition regime

✓ Get to know you and how we can tailor your workouts to suit you



Namaste, Kia Ora, Hello.

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to scroll through my page and reading this. There are so many trainers out there so I am humbled even just having you take a moment to review my website.

I know when it comes to your health and fitness, you want to make sure you are investing your time and hard-earned money into someone that can help you get results – I promise you, I can be that person for you. It is my job to keep you on track and accountable.

I am a strong believer in the sentiment that everyone has to start somewhere no matter how much or less experience you have. You may be wondering just how I became so passionate about this industry or want to know a little more about me. Let me share my story with you.

In 2012, I was not interested in the Gym nor looking after my health and wellbeing at all. I was eating whatever I wanted, working like crazy in the hospitality industry and spending little time on myself. I was very skinny with no muscle at all and no goals for my health and wellbeing. After witnessing those close to me going to the gym regularly I decided to give it a go and see if I enjoyed it. Fast forward 9 years and here I am, a successful Personal Trainer with a deep passion to help others. I developed a strong connection with the health and wellbeing environment, so much so that I changed careers and made it my full time self employed business.

Having gone through the transformation myself, I am fully aware of just how much effort, commitment, and time you need to put in to reaching your goals. My job is to help you get there through motivating you, challenging you even when you don’t want to be challenged, help you believe in yourself and keep you accountable. Now is the time to put yourself first and look after number 1 – YOU. There is a famous saying – how can you take care of someone else, if you cannot look after yourself. If the last few years with the Pandemic have shown us anything, that our health takes first priority. Do not let this time slip away. Now is the time for change and to realise your full potential.

Allow me to be part of your journey and we will do this together as a team.

Stay Focused, Stay Positive and Lets Smash Your Goals!



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Bashita Chauhan
Bashita Chauhan
05:32 29 Oct 22
It was an absolute pleasure to train with Manik. I've never been one for going to the gym, but after beginning my PT sessions with him, it changed. Everything has been spot on, including the excellent communication, the gym facilities, the expertise, the amazing technique, the patience, and the encouragement. I appreciate all of your help and guidance throughout my journey for better health. Thank you 😊
Complete Commercial Cleaning
Complete Commercial Cleaning
10:09 02 Oct 22
Manik is very humble and passionate Trainer. He has amazing communication and interpersonal skills. I have been training with him for over a month now and have seen incredible results, massive difference in muscle tone around my legs and hips. He approaches his training in an intelligent and genuinely informed way, he truly knows his job and is a fabulous motivator.He will make you want to push yourself and put in that extra bit of effort, … a session with Manik not only gives your body a push to stay fit, but your mental health is lifted too, so after the session you happily pay up to book the next!”Absolute love how being flexible enough to accommodate the intense work schedules for other clients. Must mention from the first enquiry that was promptly and attentively answered, to my regular flexibility to adapt to my often-changing availability, to regular customer care.After several unsuccessful sessions with other personal trainers, I have found a trainer to be excellent! He has the right balance of patience, understanding and drive that I need. His techniques have made a real difference to my wellbeing, health, and fitness in a very short space of time.I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of using his expert services!!!
Danielle Taylor
Danielle Taylor
04:05 08 Aug 22
Manik is an amazing, dedicated, positive and passionate trainer! Cannot say enough great things about him! He creates a plan that best suits you and takes into account what your body can do, changing an exercise if it does not suit. He always pushes you to your best and has a positive and supportive attitude to training. I started training a few months ago and have not felt this strong in years!The studio is safe and clean with a great atmosphere (and also private). I will definitely be continuing my training here! I highly recommend training with him and giving it a go, he is always flexible to best suit you and a great person to be around.
neha chhabra
neha chhabra
18:27 04 Jul 22
Manik is undoubtedly is a great Fitness coach/trainer. But, in my opinion its hard to find someone who genuinely want you to grow, someone who believe in you when you don't.I had only two sessions at his studio. Since then i have been following his guidance while i working out at home. His pushing attitude towards you is the key to achieve your health/body goals. I highly recommend him and i can guarantee that He won't let you down. His dedication,his solid can do attitude will get you there in your fitness journey which you always dreamed for.Thank you so much for being strict yet humble person to me and believed me when i needed most. Keep inspiring and keep that fun spark always alive in you as well😉
Saurabh Srivastava
Saurabh Srivastava
21:57 03 Jun 22
I have been training with Manik since Jan 2022. When I first met Manik, I didn’t quite know what to expect with personal training as I was not in the best shape of my life. I found Manik to be very honest with his approach and was very patient and set milestones for my journey. Manik helped me figure out what I really wanted out of our sessions - weight loss, muscle building, toning, etc..The Personal studio is a safe and private setting and a standout winner for me. I feel very comfortable there under the guidance of Manik as opposed to working out in a gym.Manik is a hard task master and is results driven, as a result I find myself in the best shape of my life after nearly 20 years and my journey is not quite over yet.Apart from training, Manik is a good, level headed and humble human being, and sometimes I reach out to him to discuss matters other than just training. Thanks Manik/ MkFitness for your support and guidance.
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