Not a Morning Person? Few Tips to Make a Morning Workout Stick

Personal Trainer Auckland

Personal Trainer West AucklandDo you love morning workout? But when it comes about waking up early in the morning, your body doesn’t support you? Do you feel lethargic? You may have heard personal fitness trainer’s saying morning workout means happy mood, better productivity, less body fat or muscle tone. Isn’t it? Well, these all are true but how to win the battle with AM sleep?

You are on the right page! This blog will highlight a few tips that will make you say good bye to snooze buttons and AM sleep and you can read all the advantaged of morning workouts and also leave your evenings open for whatever else fills your soul.

Don’t forget to Lay out your Workout Outfit Before your Night Sleep

Before going to sleep at night it’s advisable to lay out your workout clothes first as this will make your mind more active. If you take private personal training in Auckland, your trainer will also believe that, it will send your brain a signal when you first wake up and also, this will save your energy and ditch the struggle. Just take 5 minutes the night before to decide what you are going to wear including your socks, shoes and lay it out so you can see it.

Put Your Alarm in Another Room

While setting up your alarm for the next morning, make sure to put your phone or alarm on the other side of the room. Now you must be thinking why to do so? Well, as per the personal fitness trainers, once you wake up in the morning from the alarm sound this will force you to get up and go to another room to switch of the alarm and as a result you are way more likely to stay up and crush your workout.

Drink Coffee before you hit the Hay!

If you are coffee lover then this point is good for you. Once you wake up in the morning make sure to drink one small mug of hot coffee as caffeine will make your body and brain more energetic. You will feel refreshed.

Start with a Cardio Exercise

It is true that you may be physically alive, but at some point, your mind may still be in bed and for this make sure to start your workout with some cardio to get warmed up and ready to crush your workout. Cardio exercises can include a walk or a jog.

Thus, these are the few simple things that you can try otherwise its best to hire the personal trainers as they will motivate you everyday and doing workout with them is fun. To get the best trainers, search with the keyword ‘personal trainer near me’ and you will see the many options. For instance, (Manik) is the certified personal trainer in Auckland. Contact him today and get your free appointment.