How to Warm Up your body Before Lifting Weights

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Is it important to warm up your body before lifting up the actual weights and do you need to cool down afterward? The answer to these questions is certainly yes. Many personal trainers in Auckland believe that loosening up your muscles and making them ready for the actual workout will actually help you out to avoid any kind of injury.

Personal Trainer AucklandWhenever you do a warm up and cool down session with personal trainers in Auckland before any workout, here are some of the benefits that you will experience:

  • You increase your range of motion
  • You decrease your chance of injury
  • You create more permanent change in your muscles

Incorporation weights into your workout will target so many muscle groups in your body. Read the article which is a quick guide on what you exactly need to do:

Warm-Up Exercises

Here are three basic options, all of which should be done for 5–10 minutes before and after your workout.You don’t have to worry if you have private personal training Auckland as your trainer will guide you on what, when,and how to do it.

Basic Move

Spend time focusing on moving your body with these:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Push-ups
  • Bodyweight lunges

By doing so will enhance the flexibility and the blood flow which limits the chance of a muscle pull and joint pain. A proper warm-up also gets the lifter in a groove for their exercise.

Personal Trainer AucklandCardio

Start with some light cardio such as a fast walk or a gentle jog on the treadmill. Gradually, increase the intensity until you feel a moderate increase in your heart rate and have a light sweat coming out from your body. Having private personal training Auckland with your trainer will guide you exactly how long cardio will be good for your body.

Personal Trainer AucklandSquats

Grab a lightweight rod and drop into a deep squat. Keep your chest high up, back straight,and knees in line with your toes. Afterward, shift your weight back and forth, from side to side, pressing your heels deep into the ground and driving your knees forward over your toes one side at a time. Once you are at the bottom position of the squat, feel the movement of your muscles. Gradually, stretch your muscles. This will prepare your hips, legs,and ankles for core hard work.

Personal Trainer AucklandTherefore, these are just the basic warm-up exercises you can perform when you hit the gym. The best way to see the positive results is to employ personal trainers, as training with them will inspire you to do more and you will easily achieve your fitness goals within a month. There are ample personal trainers these days. These days there are ample of personal trainers. Search on Google, type the keywords, personal trainers near me and you will see heaps of lists of trainers. Once you select your trainer get the free appointment done and see their services what they are offering. Sometimes, they can give you the best deal. For instance, (Manik Kumar) is the best certified personal trainer in Auckland who put all his efforts into achieving his client’s fitness goals. For Manik, his client’s fitness is everything and the best thing is, his personal training packages are reasonable. So book him now and get your free consultation ASAP.