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First Floor Royal Oak Shopping Mall, 691 Manukau Road, Royal Oak, Auckland

5.0 37 reviews

  • Avatar Manpreet Saini ★★★★★ in the last week
    When I first met Manik Bhai, the impression he put on me and that positive vibe i felt. I knew that time only that he is the one who can help me out to reach my fitness goals. I really enjoy training with him, your positive attitude and motivational talks really help me to push my limits and as you say do not limit your challenges, Challenge your limits, that's what we gonna do.
    As you are my first trainer and me having no Gym knowledge. I want to Thank you for motivating me and helping me out with my goals. Your videos on Tiktok and Instagram aswell helped me allot during the lockdown.
    God Bless you and Keep Smiling and Shining Big bro.
    See you in the Gym when lockdown opens, will hit some iron.
  • Avatar Rahul Jain (Rj) ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Your positive attitude has really kept me going. I've enjoyed the training so much and am very grateful for your support. Here are just a few words to thank you for being a great personal trainer. You're very knowledgeable, motivating, and your individual approach is beyond compare.
    Manik has been awesome to me,Amazing personal trainer,Hands down, best choice I've made training with him..
    My first experience with him and have not been disappointed,Excellent personal training. ...
    Thank you for helping me get the most out of the limited time I have at the gym After our sessions, I can literally feel the rush of endorphins. Thank you for holding me accountable, getting maximum results in minimal time at the gym, and making me feel great! I look forward to reaching our next target together.
  • Avatar Alin John ★★★★★ a month ago
    I knew Manik from around 8 years but since I lived close to his training place, I thought of giving it a go. Manik is tough and fun at the same time which gives you the right mix of someone who is working towards a goal without really going nuts on you. He always mixes it up with his excersise routine thus allowing me to not get jaded with a certain excersise per say.
    I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to make a certain change in the way their body looks and also help you in loosing a few pounds while having a bit of fun.
  • Avatar Manan Sharma ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    You have been there with me, beside me, guiding me, all through my journey of achieving the body and health of my dreams, Thank you so much for not giving up on me and for being there with me emotionally and mentally.
    I would recommened you to everyone who wants to make a positive difference in their fitness journey.
  • Avatar Swaria ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Your encouragement and constant motivation helped pushing my boundaries....Thank you so much for being an incredible trainer and for inspiring me!!! I want everyone to have a trainer like you!!