Easy Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy While Travel

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Are you one of those people who love to be in a perfect body shape but you also enjoy traveling a lot? If so, you are on the right page. Traveling isn’t a problem. In fact traveling is about planning your dream holiday, the restless anticipation of getting off your comfort zone, opening your senses to something unique and special, taking a break from your emails, relaxing when you can and living an adventurous life at any opportunity you get. This is the sign of a healthy trip, isn’t it? Yet what the problem that happens here is fitness. How about staying fit even when you are on a trip? Being an Auckland personal trainer, I come across a lot of people who want to travel but when they return home after travelling, they find their body falling out of shape. As you travel, you certainly tend to eat plenty of food, beverages, snacks, etc that are not too healthy and contain large calories. While having these you never thought about your health, all that was important for you is to enjoy your trip. I completely agree, it’s nice to enjoy life, but if your fitness level is fine then only you can schedule your next ride.

Personal Trainer AucklandWell luckily, for all there is a solution. You can see several other well-known fitness tourists; they go out and keep their fitness level up as well. Like me, as a personal fitness trainer whenever I go out with my friends for a couple of days or months, I still keep my body and health as the top most priority. This means telling yourself that it’s ok to ‘let go’ and realizing that it’s ‘very easy to eat well’ and stay fit no matter which paradise you’re going to. Being a certified fitness personal trainer Royal Oak, below I have listed a few easy and effective tips to help you stay fit no matter how long your adventure may last. Just Enjoy!

Beaches, Beaches Everywhere!!

You’ll be able to find beaches everywhere in New Zealand, or if you’re traveling to some other place, you’ll probably be able to find beaches with tall palm trees and lounge chairs, imagining the big waves and good vibes, rolling your feet via the warm sand. Have you thought of doing beach workouts though? No dumbbells, resistance bands, rowing machines, pull up bars or even membership in a gym. All you want is a soothing beach and a touch of creativity. Put the music high and do some aerobics. Or, when you’re doing the workout, you can watch some fitness exercise videos, as a personal fitness trainer I upload pictures and videos so my clients can watch the same and do the exercises at home. So, you can subscribe to my channel and use these videos. Make sure to use the beach to your complete advantage.

Personal Trainer AucklandAlways Switch on to Active option

Give yourself an exercise by taking the stairs rather than an elevator. You can also ride a cycle on the beach or the local city in the early morning taking in some fresh air and give your blood some pumping. If you ask any doctors or personal trainer in Auckland, they will also advice that cycling is the good for health.

Flex your muscles while you sleep

Flexing your bones is one of the best tricks to keep your body fit and healthy. You can do this easily while walking through the city or enjoying the morning run. All you have to do is to flex out your arms and legs and get going. This will help in proper blood flow in your body making you all the more energetic.

Personal Trainer AucklandIn conclusion, being a personal trainer in Auckland , I would suggest, while traveling always remember, you went out to enjoy, you are out of your comfort zone, relishing new experiences that’s why you don’t need to be ‘all or none’ with your fitness – you just need to be good enough. And for that, all you need to keep a proper balance between body and health. Do simple exercise, walk more and say YES to hiking and swimming in the sea. Make full use of the beaches at least once a week for strength and conditioning exercise. Eat nutritious food, avoid high calories of food as much as you can with this drink plenty of water and, well, do the best you can because every effort counts. That’s all.

Thanks for reading!