Bootcamp Fitness – Why do you need to include it in your Workout Regime?

Personal Trainer Auckland

New fitness fads seem to pop up every now and then. Fitness trends change and often leave one spoilt for choice. When in doubt, turn to the traditional fitness training regime of Bootcamp. Bootcamp is a high intensity interval training, with a balance of cardio and weights. This conventional yet intense form of workout will surely leave you panting with strong abs and toned muscles.

Personal Trainer Auckland

Bootcamps ensure a total body workout as they require minimum or no equipment. Most exercises focus on using the body to build resistance. It typically includes exercises like jumping jacks, windmills, reverse lunge, spider steps, butt kicks, chin-ups, push-ups etc.

Additionally, it helps curb boredom as it is performed as a group fitness training session and thus keeps motivation levels high throughout the session. If you struggle to push yourself hard at the gym, are looking for a personal trainer in Auckland or are looking to workout efficiently, bootcamps are your one stop solution. Bootcamp is a cost-effective way to attain a ‘fit body’ without the monotonous routine of running on a treadmill, tedious weight lifting or repeating the same exercises on a regular basis.

Bootcamp is for everyone – for the weak, amateurs, professionals, weight-lifters or the ones who have never been to a gym. You could burn 500 – 600 calories in a bootcamp session by doing a blend of strength and cardio exercises with multiple repetitions to help build strength. The exercises can be performed anywhere once learned, but we bet you would miss all the fun with your bootcamp squad at a group fitness class.

So if you are looking for cost effective personal training packages, a group fitness class or a personal trainer near you, contact MK Fitness today. Our Bootcamp Group Fitness class takes place every Saturday at 6:am for 45 minutes at Jetts Royal Oak. RSVP by Friday to enroll into the class.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next Bootcamp to build stamina, strength and help in your weight loss journey.