About Us

Stay Focussed Stay Fit & Healthy

I am Manik , a certified gym trainer in Auckland who gives the finest tailored made solution for all the fitness problems. Being in this field for three years, I have seen various types of fitness problems and have been appreciated by the fitness results. One of my main agenda as the best gym trainer in Auckland is to make people healthy fit and eventually the best version of their self ever.

At the age of 30, I effectively managed multiple customers with different fitness concerns. I thoroughly research every case, and then give the best fitness techniques to aspirants. Being the best gym trainer in Auckland, I guarantee that my wellness techniques will improve the ability of the client to stay healthy regardless of what I get in compensation.

To me, well-being is the main focus. I work intensively towards weight loss, weight gain, slimming ideas, fat reduction exercises, muscle toning, and bodybuilding. Physical, as well as mental fitness, are the first aspect of the exercise program to be dealt with. As Matt McGorry says, ” the mind is the most important of attaining any fitness goal. Mental change always comes before physical change.”

Remember also that you are the main boss of your life and as a gym trainer in Auckland, I will direct, inspire and make you responsible for regular quality workouts as a personal trainer.

Why ME

That’s human nature, whenever we’re thinking about hiring someone, there’s always one question that triggers our mind, Why Him / Her? What kind of special qualities is he / she affiliated with? And, being a Auckland gym trainer, on the basis of that question I would like to answer:

  1. One of my main agenda is to optimize your time and effort by integrating both the elements of exercise and nutrition into your workouts.
  2. Build a personalized workout plan just for you based on the goals you wish to achieve.
  3. Facilitate you step by step in making your exercise program more effective.
  4. Teach you the form that is safe and effective.
  5. Dietary Guidelines