30 Minutes Home Based Workout

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We need to exercise to stay fit. Whether you want to lose weight, manage your medical issues, or maintain your hourglass figure, a personal trainer in NZ can help you work out as per your fitness goals.

Going to the gym or working out at home, the results can be effectively the same provided you are dedicated and stick to the schedule. Home workouts with a fitness trainer can be an excellent way to save time and train under professional guidance, at the same time.

Contact a fitness gym near me to find the best personal trainer who’ll devise a personalized fitness regime and ensure that you exercise accordingly.

Here are a few 30-minute home-based workouts for you to try:

Working out for 30 minutes each day is more than enough to keep you active and fit. Just make sure that you follow the techniques and do it the right way. A 30-minute workout essentially helps build your endurance levels and muscle strength. Even though it appears to be for a lesser amount of time, it can still do wonders.

  • Squats
  • This form of exercise works out three muscle groups – your hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. If you are on the heavier side, your workout is going to be a bit more intensive than the next person who is lighter in weight. However, with every rise and fall, you build the strength of these three muscle groups. Make sure that you keep your knees in line, do not roll or push them away from one another.

  • Plank
  • This exercise helps make your abdomen, your lower back, and your trunk region strong. The most effective way is to get into the classical plank position, hold yourself for a minute in the position and then come back to the starting position. Initially, things may be a bit difficult but your Auckland Personal trainer will keep you motivated and show you the best way to gradually get into the pose.

  • Reverse Lunges
  • This exercise targets the glutes, abdominals, quads, and hamstrings. You can start with forward lunges and gradually move on to reverse lunges. This one is more challenging than the normal lunges. You have to perfect the art of balancing yourself to do this exercise.

  • Press-ups
  • Moving upwards, this next set of exercises helps work your upper torso region. The chest, triceps, and shoulders work in sync here. With your elbows tucked, you need to touch the ground with your chest every time. When you can do it with exact precision like military personnel, you can pat yourself on the back. Initially, when the going can seem to be a bit tough, your fitness coach in Auckland might suggest a different style like doing a few knee-supported reps.

  • Burpees
  • The best way to test your heart and the entire cardiovascular system is to try burpees. This exercise form can drain your energy levels and that is why this set is advised at the last of the 30-minute exercise routine. If you do them in the beginning, chances are that you will hardly have any energy left to do the others. The typical exercise involves doing a press-up and then a jump. Even a minute of this exercise can get your heart pumping like mad. Again, when you start, your trainer will help you get used to the routine and advise an adapted variation like a squat thrust.

How should these exercises be done in 30 minutes?

The ideal routine is to start with press-ups. Do a minute of it and then rest. Move on to plank for a minute and then rest. It should be followed by squats for a minute, and after a rest for a minute, you should do the burpee. Take a minute rest and complete the round with reverse lunges. Take a minute rest and repeat the entire steps.

Tips to master the 30-minute exercise routine

  • Make a plan with your personal trainer. You must know it by heart, especially which routine follows what so that you do not waste time while working out.
  • Sometimes the body needs to be shocked. Your trainer will tell you how to do surprising things to keep the routine fresh,
  • Don’t compromise on two things – your sleep and nutrition.