3 Ways to Beat Workout Boredom

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This happens to most of us: at the beginning, you continue your workout with complete energy and motivation, following the routine of the gym sincerely and not missing out on even a single day. You’re the one who posts gym selfies on Instagram, Facebook with incredibly popular hashtags like #fitnessmotivation or #workout and so forth. You sleep better, eat well and avoid your favorite food, but now the question to all of you is what happens when boredom hits you badly? You must be easily able to relate to what I am talking about. One day you suddenly notice the lack of motivation and start to find the reasons to miss your workout routine like, “Oh, I’ve got a work to do today, “or” Hey, I’ve got an episode to watch so I will miss out today and work out extra tomorrow, it doesn’t matter if I miss out on one day.” And the list continues.

Well, being a personal trainer of Auckland, I’ve come across hundreds of people who come to me before signing up and stated, ‘we’re sick of doing the same thing over and over again, we’re just getting bored from the same machine without motivation.’ And like I said being a personal trainer in Auckland, I completely understand that at one point you get bored when you exercise all by yourself. So, what to do at this point of time?

How about you Joining the Group Classes?

Isn’t that a nice idea? As a personal trainer at Auckland, I found this to be one of the best ways to get a workout. I know I’m a fitness trainer, but to make my workouts more entertaining and keep that energetic and motivational environment, I also conduct group classes. Besides that, I also think group classes can act as an extra motivation – you’re less likely to slack off while you’re surrounded by others.

How about Broadening your Circle of Friends?

There is no harm in making new friends. If you are an extrovert, then that’s the best you can do. Being the personal fitness trainer, when I conduct the group classes, I meet different people, at the beginning everyone gets nervous but eventually they all get mixed up and enjoy every single workout. I believe that if you do your workout with someone you enjoy being with, you are more likely to go out at a severe pace and work longer. Not only this, but the other benefit of doing a workout together will also keep you responsible, so you’re less likely to blow off your workout. Apart from this, if you are introvert so what? Your personal fitness trainer is going to be your great friend. This is what the Auckland personal trainer does while training you, they will treat you as a friend and make you feel comfortable with them.

Try Something New!!

Using the same equipment, again and again, makes people all the more bored. This is the main reason why most of people hire the services of a personal fitness trainer. These trainers do not rely on the gym equipment but will also teach you several other workouts that can be performed on your own at home.

So, I hope these few tips will help you, and if you have any questions about fitness, get in touch with me your best personal trainer at Auckland (Manik Kumar) and I’ll guide you at every step of yours.